Take Action

Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and take action on climate change! The average Canadian produces nearly 17 tons of greenhouse gas emissions every year! That’s a big number! In fact, if we could see all that gas, it would take up the same amount of space as 17 two-storey houses!

We need to work together to help fight climate change! Getting started is easier than you think! It’s as simple as making a personal choice to use energy and resources more efficiently in your daily life! By using less energy in your daily activities, you’ll not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but your efforts will give us cleaner air and healthier communities!

Take Action: At Home

Be an Energy Detective!

Take a walk around your house, and what do you see? Are lights left on in an empty room? Is a television playing without anyone watching? Small actions like turning off a light switch or television can make a big difference! Be a detective on a daily basis and see how many ways you can find to save energy!

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Did you know that all of the cracks and gaps in your house could add up to a hole as big as a beach ball? Ask a member of your family to seal all the leaks around doors and windows where heat escapes! It will save energy and money too!

Take Action: In School

Be an Energy Detective

Keep your eyes open at school to discover ways to help stop wasting energy! Ask your teacher to turn off computers when they are not in use, and to turn off lights when the classroom is empty! Small changes in each class will add up quickly!

Pledge to be Idle-Free

If you get a ride to school, ask the person driving to turn off the engine when parked! Keeping the vehicle running, or idling, uses more gas than stopping and restarting the engine.

Express Yourself

If you are given the opportunity to choose your own topic for a project or assignment, choose an environmental theme to research and discuss with your class! As more people become aware of the important issue of climate change, more action will be taken to help stop activities that waste energy and create greenhouse gas emissions!

Take Action: In the Community

Organize a Community Clean Up

Choose a day and ask your friends and neighbors to come out and help pick up trash in the community! Recyclables can be bagged separately and brought to a recycling facility!

Take Action: Transportation

Drive Smarter

Has your family car or truck gotten a check up lately? Like you, cars and trucks need a check up every now and then to make sure they are working like they should! Making sure vehicles are well tuned and their tires are inflated properly will help them use less energy to get you where you need to go!